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Lyrics Muse is a music lyrics site which enables last.fm and Spotify users to quickly see lyrics for the music they're listening to. The lyrics is open so everyone can add and correct the lyrics on the site.


If you are a last.fm user you are well aware (hopefully) that they track your listening habits. However, there has not been an easy way of quickly matching what you are currently listening to with lyrics. You've been forced to search the internet and sometimes end up on dubious lyric sites with hundreds of ads.

When you register here and enter your last.fm account name in your profile area or during signup Lyrics Muse will begin to monitor your recent tracks on last.fm. You can then easily and quickly browse your listening habits for lyrics and favourite tracks (click the Love 542162dcba89bb5c0c0e43e5ed5f96c882ca3b8f91c827ce6b94de3e93768a13 button).

Lyrics Muse does not require your last.fm password at all.

As opposed to certain other lyrics sites Lyrics Muse will never feature annoying popup ads nor plaster 90% of the site with ads. Only relevant unobtrusive ads. The focus at Lyrics Muse is on the lyrics.

...and Spotify?

Since Spotify enables you to scrobble tracks to your last.fm profile you simply need to enable that in your Spotify settings.


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Lyrics Muse wouldn't work without all the contributors. You can find contributor information in the menu.

A group at last.fm (where else) exists to facilitate bug reporting, feature requests and general discussion on Lyrics Muse.


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